Insight - October 2017

2 | October 2017 | Insight Magazine In my first letter to QS/1 Customers and vendor partners, I want to communicate not only who I am, but the new vision for QS/1 moving forward, which is to be a provider of customer solutions through technology. QS/1 will be your preeminent partner in the ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace, providing innovative pharmacy management systems and services that help you remain relevant, profitable, proficient and successful. This partnership means we are a team, and our success is directly tied to one another. The foundation of a strong partnership is built on communication. With that being said, talk to me. Tell me about your relationship with QS/1. Talk to me about the challenges you face and how we can help you overcome them. Give me feedback on how we can better serve you to ensure your day-to-day operations are more efficient and forward thinking. I come to QS/1 with a broad understanding of the pharmacy industry. Before expanding my career to encompass sales and marketing, I spent 10 years behind the counter filling prescriptions and counseling patients. My pharmacy experiences honed my skills as a communicator and are what make me adamant that customer service has to be job one in QS/1’s best-practices arsenal. A customer-centric approach unites all departments at QS/1: from the trainer who assists you on or offsite and helps you “go live,” to the knowledgeable agent who answers your support call, the market analyst who researches industry trends and legal requirements and greets you at trade shows or the account representative − a liaison whose primary responsibility is to build stronger customer relationships. QS/1 wants to ensure world-class customer service. What doesn’t work for you, doesn’t work for us. We will be more proactive to your needs, and it starts now! The theme of this issue is “Fast Forward.” QS/1 strives to not only be your go-to pharmacy software provider, but your partner in the pharmacy industry at large. We began this evolution with the launch of SharpRx®, the next generation of pharmacy management. Its flexible platform is designed to be reactive to industry growth and pharmacy demands. QS/1 intends to build on that flexibility by remaining steps ahead of your business needs when it comes to workflow, legislative demands and more. You have a front row seat to all that is about to happen at QS/1. I hope to meet many of you in the field. By making myself more accessible, customers will grow to recognize that they are indeed at the core of QS/1. Forty years of industry experience make us a go-to provider, but it is resolution follow-through, a high-touch model, accountability and customer centricity that determine QS/1’s ongoing reputation in the marketplace. QS/1 will be synonymous with customer satisfaction and service, and as the pharmacists’ role continues to expand, QS/1 will provide what customers need now while also working to address future needs. Sincerely, Saul Factor, R.Ph., QS/1 President