INSIGHT - January 2018

2 | January 2018 | Insight Magazine It has been six months since I took the reins at QS/1. Although I have spent a significant amount of time getting to know employees, the majority of my time has been spent listening to you − our customers. I took a good old- fashioned road trip, and the feedback has been immeasurable. I’m a straight shooter who values transparency, so when I walk into pharmacies and ask customers how they feel about QS/1, I’m prepared to take it on the chin: the good, the bad and the ugly. Fortunately, a lot of responses are positive. We have an established history, a solid reputation and respect in the industry. But, we also have some areas that need tweaking, and I am all about doing whatever is necessary to provide solutions and ensure best practices in customer service. My exploratory road trip became known as the “Listening Tour,” and as my travels circle back to Spartanburg, SC, my to-do list continues to expand. To guarantee that QS/1 employees understand your wants and needs, they are given a front row seat to my findings because if we don’t listen, we cannot provide resolutions. I encountered a recurring theme on the “Listening Tour.” QS/1’s long-term care (LTC) customers were feeling a bit underwhelmed. They love our product offerings and services, but they want more updates, more enhancements and more focus. Read about the QS/1 and Integra LTC Solutions realignment in the “LTC Technology Center of Excellence” article on page 22. This initiative demonstrates the power of strategic planning at its best and will have a positive effect on present and future LTC customers. LTC realignment is twofold. It creates a focus on LTC and allows QS/1 to center its energy on community pharmacy. It enables us to maximize resources and push advanced research and development to keep our customers ahead of the technology curve. QS/1 is being more proactive to trends in healthcare and examining how best to capitalize on trends that affect your customers, from patient care and compliancy to provider status, workflow and marketing. Every aspect of helping your pharmacy maintain a positive presence in your community is important. A lot comes from listening, and QS/1 has always had its ear to the ground when it comes to pharmacy. After all, our roots date back to a pharmacist with a vision for the future of pharmacy, and that vision has only evolved. Community pharmacy has and will always be on the frontline of healthcare, and QS/1 vows to stand with you. We will take our cue from customers, presenting ideas and advancements that clear the clutter and distractions of day- to-day business operations and help you focus on what matters most – the health and wellbeing of your patients. Sincerely, Saul Factor, R.Ph., QS/1 President