INSIGHT - January 2018

Quick Clicks & Tips 4
Industry News 7
Can Main Street Save Washington - and Vice-Versa? 10
The Advantages of Experience: Santa Monica Pharmacy and SharpRx® 12
PDMPs: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 13
Q&A: Planning and Executing QS/1's Monthly System Updates 14
Pharmacist eCare Plan 16
The Future Factor: Saul's Road Trip Charts QS/1's New Direction 18
LTC Technology Center of Excellence 22
Technology and Consumer Wearables 24
The Bright Side (Businesses) of Independent Pharmacies 26
Updates: Service Pack 19.1.24 and SharpRx®17.8-17.10 28
Reverse Burnout: Rediscover Your Mojo 33
A Bitter Pill: The Internet's Miracle Pushers 34
2018 Customer Conference 35