PrimeCare is the most flexible and comprehensive long-term care (LTC) pharmacy software in America.

PrimeCare is designed for LTC or combo pharmacies serving nursing homes, mental health and assisted-living facilities. PrimeCare enables you to process orders quickly, efficiently and safely and includes features that will streamline your daily processes. With built-in flexible Workflow, Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard and Accounts Receivable, PrimeCare is customizable to fit the needs of your pharmacy and the LTC facilities you serve.

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PrimeCare’s Workflow can improve efficiency by breaking the filling process into segmented tasks: New Order Entry, Verification, Label and Dispensing, Quality Assurance, Delivery and Error Resolution. You can choose to use one, some or all available features.

Fill Lists and Billing Matrix are specifically designed for long-term care pharmacies. The Fill List provides flexibility when creating cycle orders to be filled daily, weekly, monthly or via a calendar. Since transaction creation is a separate function, filling and billing become separate processes. Short cycle filling prescriptions can also be separated into separate lists for filling and billing. The Billing Matrix allows you to track multiple pay-status changes and concurrent coverage. Facility Med A contracts can be incorporated into the Billing Matrix, along with other third-party and private payors.

QS/1’s PrimeCare is an excellent choice for LTC pharmacies that serve long-term care facilities, including mental health, assisted living, board-and-care and skilled nursing facilities. PrimeCare provides customizable software that will fit your pharmacy’s unique needs.

PrimeCare connects you with more than 200 patient-care and time-saving tools. QS/1 uses industry-standard interfaces (HL7, HML, Web Services and NCPDP SCRIPT) to connect you to electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medication administration records (eMARs), packaging and dispensing equipment, medication cabinets, document management, shipping tools, consulting software and more. If we don’t have the specific tool you need, ask us! We may already have something in the works.

Ready-to-use interfaces to the most popular products in pharmacy include:

  • 19 Automation (Real Time)
  • 12 Medication Cabinets (Real Time)
  • 14 Packaging Devices (Real Time)
  • 11 Packaging Devices (Batch)
  • 7 Delivery
  • 4 Document Management
  • 5 Inventory Management
  • 3 Consulting Software
  • 18 NCPDP 10.6 eMAR interfaces
  • 35 eHRs interfaces
  • 68 eMARs interfaces
  • 1 eRx Module: DocuTrack

For a complete list of interfaces, click here.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable helps you collect payments faster and with less hassle. View patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements and print detailed aging reports by patient or carrier. Learn more »

Advanced Security

Protect your inventory, finance and prescription records by tracking when employees make changes. Learn more »

Data Export

Data Export transfers information to a spreadsheet, database or report application for further analysis. Learn more »

Employee Security

Enables various levels of security access for each employee. Learn more »

Pharmacy at a Glance

QS/1's dashboard application, Pharmacy at a Glance, displays all prescription processing queue activities in real time. Learn more »

Purchase Order

QS/1’s Purchase Order module supports purchase order preparation, tracking and receiving and enhances inventory management capabilities. Learn more »


Helps pharmacies break down the prescription filling process to maximize available resources and improve efficiency and productivity. Learn more »

HME Part B Documentation

QS/1’s Medicare Part B Compliance Documentation is first-of-its-kind software that allows pharmacies with our NRx or PrimeCare Pharmacy Management systems to serve Medicare Part B customers’ needs while keeping the documentation that is required in an audit. Learn more »

Therapeutic Interchange

Manage a Therapeutic Interchange program by creating therapeutic interchange plans that contain approved drug substitutions and assign these plans by facilities which have approved them. Learn more »


QS/1’s WebConnect 5.0 is our latest facility-to-pharmacy communication tool. It provides access to pharmacy information at long-term care facilities from the nurses’ station or at the patient bedside using any tablet with internet access. The architecture has a responsive design that provides the most user-friendly experience possible for LTC facility staff while helping save pharmacy staff more time in the prescription filling process. WebConnect saves time, increases productivity and can improve customer service. Learn more »

Document Imaging

Document Imaging reduces your document management and storage requirements while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Learn more »

Multi-Site Management (MSM™)

MSM provides a SQL-based central data warehouse that is ideal for pharmacies with multiple locations. It automatically collects data and allows you to generate customized reports and export data to your favorite off-the-shelf software to create user-specific reports without extensive application expertise. Learn more »

Remote Backup and Recovery Service by QS/1

Offers automatic daily backups stored at two geographically separate data centers. It encrypts transmissions using government-certified FIPS 140-2 AES and provides recovery services, including equipment replacement, data reloading, system configuration and testing.

Learn more »

Basic API by QS/1

Provides online prescription refills via a pharmacy-hosted web application. The service is ideal for high-volume pharmacies with an existing website, and it integrates with websites built with .NET platform. It also displays messages for rejected refill requests.

Learn more »

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QS/1 offers several configurations to provide maximum control over data and systems or to relieve the concern about software updates and server issues. Configurations work with pharmacy, HME/DME and governmental. Options include:

Installed – For customers who want to host and manage their data, software and server at their location.

Cloud – For customers who don't want the responsibility of software updates and server management.

Host-Remote – Allows customers to manage up to 10 locations from one server.

Enterprise – Designed for large, multi-location operations.

For a complete list of interfaces, click here.